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The Value Radar Methododology: a method to detect, identify, realize and utilize of values.
Field of application: development of new products and services, improvement of processes, improvement of relation of managers and employees, etc.

This is a new generation of methods, because you can work out a lot of procedure based on the general model.

Basic Model of Value Radar

An example of Detect - Identify phases: development of new product or services for fitness to customer latent requirement:

Metod for find out latent requirement of customer

Object: Popcorn
Subjective Area: Creativity
Objective Area: Children
Project Area: Creativity of Children
Result Area: Popcorn Paint & Build Kit, Popcorn Paint & Build Championship for Schools.

Time requirement: 10-60 minutes/at presently developed methods.

Type: team or personal application.

Publication: 1997 Moscow (First version), 1999 Budapest, 1999 Cairo, 2001 Japan, 2003 Sofia.

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